'Helping build successful companies since 1973

Still busy, but cutting back!

Project Direction, including host Pavilions of Worlds Fairs
Over 40 years of professional experience in all aspects of systems design
More than one hundred successful product designs
Written many articles and authored one book
Public Speaker, and Presenter

Restoration and service of hundreds of classic electronics

Commercial and Amateur radio licenses:
F.C.C. General Radio Telephone Operators License with Radar Endorsement
Amateur Extra Class License

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Richard Gray
W6LRR / PG-11SD-4999
Curriculum Vitae

6368 Del Paso Avenue
San Diego, CA 92120
Cell: 1-619-977-6033

Communications Company Inc., San Diego, Product Repair

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Test Equipment & Instruments
Pacific Recorders and Engineering,  Multi-Limiter
Triplett 3444A Power Supply Modification Notes

Jackson-Bell Model 4, The first Los Angeles "All Electric Radio"
Negative Resistance Oscillator,      Parallel Tuned Circuit,  Resonant Frequency Determination
A.C. Power Supply, for Testing Radios